Saxum is a project taking place in the Holy Land aiming at providing a center saxum-300x80where pilgrims around the world can meet and feel at home. In this center, pilgrims should be able to find the spiritual means and information needed to extend and deepen their knowledge on the Gospels but also to achieve a change of heart thanks to a personal encounter with Christ.

Saxum visitor center in Abu Gosh. Image ©

This project is located in Abu Gosh, close to Jerusalem. The center has two areas :

  • One for seminars and conferences
  • One for media related activities

To learn more about Saxum :

ARDEA supports Saxum by collecting donations and transferring them fully to Saxum Foundation, which operates this project. The fundraising has two objectives : first the construction of the center and then the establishment of an endowment fund to help some persons when their revenue doesn’t allow them to do the pilgrimage.